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2015-02-23 02:59 pm

AA Big Bang 2014 Snippet

 This is a little snippet/teaser of what I wrote for the Ace Attorney Big Bang 2014. Unfortunately, I didn't get to finish my story so I haven't posted it anywhere until now. Currently, it's still a work in progress though I'm well on my way to writing over 20, 000 words!

The story is untitled as of now. It is a witch craze AU, where those who practice the Kurain Channelling Technique have come under suspicion of witchcraft. Characters include Mia, Maya, Pearl, Gant, Manfred and Phoenix. There are no trigger warnings for this snippet I'm posting.

Hope you enjoy reading!!

Snippet here )
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2014-07-17 04:17 pm



I only use this account to update [community profile] anon_press for the ace attorney fandom. 

Please check out my tumblr  [ profile] wendyoldbags if you're interested.